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dunlap tn hotels

Snow, lovely snow!

Here at Coops Creek Cabins, as in all of the Sequatchie Valley area, we are celebrating the first really big snow we have seen in many years.

Like all of our neighbors, family and friends – we bought up our groceries, secured an alternate source of heat in case of a power outage, and settled in to watch the beautiful falling snow.

Never has the fireplace been as wonderful as when set to the background of such gigantic snowflakes. And let me tell you, the flakes looked more like huge handfulls of snow at times. I don’t recall if I have ever seen that in my lifetime, although it could have happened in my childhood when large snowfalls were more common in this area. Those of us who grew up here fondly remember the stretches of snow days we used to enjoy on a yearly basis. (There’s nothing better than getting days off from school when it’s cold outside.)

And let us not forget the Snow of 1993 (yes, I meant to capitalize it, because around here it is a thing). After all of these years, it’s still common to say what you were doing when that “blizzard” hit – much like where you were during 9/11 or when Kennedy was shot. dunlap tn hotels

I’m not sure if this snow will cause that amount of nostalgia, but who knows? It’s the first one in quite a while, so it will leave a lasting impression. Afterall, everything has literally come to a halt for days, and more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow everning.

All I can say is enjoy it while you can – before it all melts and life gets back to normal. And come see us at Coops Creek Cabins.

Stay safe!

dunlap tn hotels