dunlap tn hotelsSpring is in the air and we are itching to finish more cabins!

We gave up on estimations of when all the cabins will be completed and ready for guests.

Life happens and the weather doesn’t cooperate, so we have decided to just chug along at a steady pace and it will all eventually get done.

Several people have asked us about renting all of the cabins at once, and I promise we will get there soon. We understand about traveling in large groups, and love to do that ourselves.

Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the work/maintenance cabin and have also added more string lights to add increased ambiance after dark.

Our third cabin, Raccoon Lodge, is about 70 percent finished at the moment, and that will be the next project to be completed. Watch for videos of that to show up on our Youtube channel in the near future.

We have decided to add an extra bedroom and dining nook to cabin four, so it will sleep a total of six guests. It will still feel like a tiny, cozy cabin, but with more room for families or groups traveling together. (I’m really excited about decorating that one!)

After that……several ideas. Probably will do a treehouse or two, then we may get a little more creative and do some novelty structure. Still in the planning stages for that.

dunlap tn hotels

We are always looking for suggestions on creative things we could do or how we could make things better. If you have an idea, please send it to us at angela@coopscreekcabins.com.

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